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Plug & Play Electric Brake Controller. Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller revolutionising towing in Australia and New Zealand. Delivering unparalleled performance, safety and flexibility, this trailer-mounted solution is compatible with any tow vehicle.
Suitable for caravans, trailers, horse floats and boat trailers, our 10-minute Plug and Play setup eliminates the need to modify your tow vehicle. Complete with custom presets and a smooth proportional brake response, it’s time for a seamless towing experience.

Elecbrakes Electric Brake Controller

The Elecbrake EB2 brake controller is a trailer mounted proportional brake controller. The device can be used with the Plug and Play adaptors or hardwired to the trailers electrical circuits with a Leader. The device is fitted with an IP68 connector. Allows compliance with ADR38/05.

Plug & Play Adaptor

Plug and Play Adaptors allow the Elecbrakes device to be easily installed onto the trailer. No wiring is required. The range of available Adaptors suits most combinations of trailer plugs and vehicle sockets.

Remote Control

Elecbrakes in-car remote control. Allows user to control brake response, select user defined programs and activate trailer brakes only by the manual override button. Allows compliance with ADR38/04.