Joolca Portable Hot Water Units

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-Hottap V2 Essentials (ONLY 1 LEFT) – Portable Hot Water Unit

Enjoy a hot shower in the bush.
Take home on the road with Joolca HOTTAP, the complete portable hot water system for off grid use.
Wherever you can take an LPG bottle, you can take the HOTTAP. It’s the world’s smallest water heater in its class. And enjoying a HOTTAP shower is as easy as flipping a switch.
HOTTAP is the award-winning portable water heater that sets up in no time. Connect gas. Connect water in. Connect water out. Done.
There are colour-coded quick connections for water and a secure snap-on brass fitting for the gas. You simply can’t go wrong. Adjusting temperature and flow is easy, too, with a clear LED display showing the exact degrees.
You control the entire system at the shower handle.
Simply flick the switch, and hot water will start flowing. You’ll quickly notice that this is a real, home-style shower. It heats up to a safe 50ºC. It puts out a superior flow rate of up to 6L/min. And it lasts for over 15 hours on a single gas tank.
You can use HOTTAP with any water source. Connect it to your mains supply or pick one of the off-grid kits to tap into the closest creek or river. Finally, you can stay fresh no matter where you are.

**When these items have gone we will be no longer stocking Joolca

-ENSUITE Single (ONLY 5 LEFT) – Automatic Single Room Shower Tent
-ENSUITE Double (ONLY 2 LEFT) – Automatic Two Room Shower Tent

Pitches in seconds!
Hard to believe, isn’t it? But the Ensuite really does pop up in less than 30 seconds. Joolca’s sturdy Ensuite Single shower tent is a bit like a ship in a bottle; it looks impossible, but it pops up in seconds!
What emerges is an entire bathroom in the bush, complete with door and window, drainage, ventilation, valuables compartment, toiletries organiser and a compartment for dry clothes as well as a removable dry laundry hamper.
Packs in seconds!
There’s an added finesse in that no hard parts can get stuck sideways inside the tent frame when you collapse it. So packing up your Ensuite is just as quick as pitching it.
Complete privacy
Thanks to the silver-coated fabric, you are afforded absolute privacy. Not even the silhouette of occupants is visible from the outside.
Zip-down window opening
Want to keep an eye on the campfire whilst getting fresh for dinner? Zip the large fly-screen window open.
Room to move
At 205cm (H) x 150cm (W) x 150cm (D), the Ensuite tent gives you plenty of room to move. Lather up, get changed and help the little ones without having your style cramped.
Storage, storage, storage
There’s a large wall organiser for toiletries, a mesh pocket for valuables at the ceiling and a removable dry laundry hamper as well as a covered compartment for hanging your dry towel and clothes whilst showering. Everything in its place.
Superior ventilation
Two zippered fly-screen roof vents and a mesh drain ensure that the water and steam has somewhere to go. And if you simply can’t stop enjoying that hot shower, just open the large fly-screen window to let out the surplus steam.
Rugged framework
Steel poles and a dome lock in ABS make for a stable tent that will last for many years, come rain, hail or shine.
Waterproof roof
To ensure super-quick pitching and packing, we have not included a fly. Instead, the Ensuite comes with a solid waterproof roof that affords more than enough protection from the elements.
Tie-downs and pegs
Stable when freestanding, the Ensuite tent still includes tie-downs and pegs for those windy days.
Practical nice-to-haves
Plenty of thought has gone into every little detail. That why, when left open, you can keep the door as well as the vent and dry compartment covers out of the way with little tabbed belts.

**When these items have gone we will be no longer stocking Joolca