Camper Maintenance – Drawer Slides

Slides are an integral part of any modern camper, tasked with the job of providing easy access to internal storage. This can includes kitchens, storage drawers, generator/bbq slides and even the fridge slide.

Like any moving part, they can cop a flogging, mistreated and malnourished at times without lubricant. They require regular maintenance to keep them operating fluidly. Avoid waxy lubricants or excessive use of substances like WD40. This only attracts dirt and grit. Try liquid silicone lubricants which dry and form a slippery agent to assist in easy running slides.

Many slides have a yellow tab to unlock the slide. Make sure you push the tab fully down, then pull the drawer open. Others use a friction retainer to lock it in place. Each mechanism requires periodic checking and lubrication. The first sign of needed maintenance is when a slide won’t lock out or unlock. To fix this do the following:
Camper-Maintenance-Drawer -Slides1

1. Push the yellow tabs down and extend the slide out fully. Often you can remove the drawer fully by depressing the catch, holding it down and pulling rearwards in short bursts. For maintenance, you shouldn’t need to remove the drawer fully. Just extend it backwards enough so you can get your arm in behind to lube the slides. Wipe the slides with a clean rag to remove any dirt.

2. Using a silicone spray, wet the moving parts. Spray the silicone spray onto a rag to wipe the bottom slides. Leave to dry.

3. While behind the drawer, spray the mechanism that unlocks the drawer. This is normally about half way along the drawer slides. See arrow below.


4. Extend the drawer out fully, then push it back in. Repeat the movement to ensure the lubricate is spread over the moving parts.

5. If your kitchen does not lock out on one side, pull it out further on that side. It should lock out – lubrication is normally the answer.

6. If you’re not sure about this, pop into the store sometime and I’ll show you how its done or make a note for us to check at your next service.

Regular Servicing

Like your car, your camper requires regular servicing to keep it in top mechanical condition. If you have a Pioneer, servicing intervals are 7,500km; other brands should be similar. Some of the key servicing areas are wheel alignment, bearing inspections, brake adjustment, lubrication, under body inspection and tank flushing.

A service is recommended before any long trip. Make sure you book well in advance as we can be booked out with other jobs months ahead. If you have any questions regarding the above, contact us.