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Travel Buddy 12V ovens

12V Oven $249 available in-store

Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel. 

Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.

– Heat a meal on the move
– Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
– 12 Volt DC 6 Amp
– Insulated stainless steel
– Manufactured and designed in Australia
– 170 degrees celcius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 235mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 180mm
Depth 250mm

– Insulated Steel Body
– 12 volt DC 6 amp 72 watts
– Fitted with 2 hour timer Free standing or mounted

The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean.
If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go!
Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive.
The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximtely 170 degrees celcius+ after the initial warm up.

Ideal for:
– 4×4 Activities
– Camping
– Tradespeople
– Transport
– Caravans
– Boats
– Touring
– Farmers, etc

12V Marine Oven $299 available in-store

Wider than the 12V Travel Buddy, this will heat to 190 degrees Celsius+ after initial warm up.

– Heat a meal on the move
– Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure
– 12 Volt DC 10 Amp. Suggest Anderson Plug wiring
– Insulated stainless steel
– Manufactured and designed in Australia

External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm

– Insulated Steel Body
– 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts
– Fitted with 2 hour timer
– Free standing or mounted



HEMA Australia Wall Map 1000x875mm (unlaminated)

This is ideal as a reference and trip planning tool, or to mark your own adventures. Check out our Wall Map in-store marked up with our own past trips!

$49.95 available in-store


Hema HX-1 Navigator On & Off-road GPS

Find Campsites & Caravan Parks Fast
6000+ free and low-cost campsites & caravan parks by Camps Australia Wide & Caravan Parks Australia Wide
View over 2300+ site photos
Detailed site information, i.e. Pets allowed
Locate sites around you, search by name or location
HX-1 Finding Campsites & Caravan Parks

Preloaded with Hema’s Premium 4WD Maps
Australia-wide Hema Explorer Map (1:18M – 1:150,000)
Digitised Hema touring maps: Cape York, Fraser Island, The Kimberley, High Country Victoria, Great Desert Tracks & Hema 1:1 million Road Atlas
Easily download higher detail Hema Explorer Map plus additional map sources
FREE 4WD map updates for the lifetime of your device
HX-1 Explore Mode

Reliable Street GPS Navigation
Precise turn-by-turn GPS navigation
Voice guidance
Visual lane guidance
Alerts for speed cameras, school zones & red light cameras
3D landmarks and buildings

$599 Limited Stock available in-store


Joolca: Portable Hot Water & Camping Shower Solutions

Imagine being able to enjoy home comforts wherever you are: power, heating, cooling, running water… Joolca are on a mission to create that future. To uncompromising engineering standards, we are perfecting one product category at a time. Starting with everything water.

Whatever your situation, you can easily create the ultimate solution with our versatile building blocks. And you’ve got nothing to lose; with Joolca’s 30-day trial, you get free return shipping and a full refund if you’re not happy with our products! So set your creativity free.

$299 LIMITED STOCK available in-store


St John First Aid Kits

St John Ambulance is Australia’s leading provider of first aid services, training and equipment and is a trusted brand with over 130 years of experience.

We stock a full range of First Aid Kit products including:
Car First Aid kit (basics) $34.95
Road Safety First Aid kit $49.95
Bites and Stings Kit $25
Off Road First Aid Kit – Soft Waist Bag $97.95
Off Road First Aid Kit – Portable Case $97.95
Caravan & Camping – Portable Case $55.00
Camping First Aid Safety Kit $34.95

Don’t leave home without one! All available in-store


Ozpig Portable Camp fire

The Ozpig S2 is the ultimate personal campfire for use in the bush or on the back deck at home, ideal for entertaining friends or for cooking and warmth at your campsite. It is fully enclosed, improving safety and reducing wood use, so you get all the ambience of a campfire but without needing a trailer load of wood to feed it. Better still, it has a range of accessories to broaden its use such as the chargrill, heat bead basket and extra extension legs.
Keeping it compact, most of the components are stored in the body during transit.

The OzPig Starter Package includes:
1 x Ozpig Steel Cooker Body
1 x Customised Carry Bag
1 x BBQ Plates
1 x Large Warming Tray
4 x Zinc Coated Legs
4 x Extension Legs
3 x Chimney Sections
1 x Spark Arrestor
1 x Multi-Purpose Tool (wood poker and plate lift handle)
1 x Mesh Floor Fire Grate
1 x Comprehensive Instruction Manual
from $380

A full range of accessories and The OzPig Smoker/Oven are available in-store.


iOMerino Winter Woollies

A recent addition to our outdoor clothing range is ioMerino products made from SA Merino wool. These garments use MicroMerino®, a superfine and beautifully soft merino yarn which keep you warm and cosy.

MicroMerino®is a natural product that offers natural temperature regulation, UV protection and breathability (and therefore stink resistance). And being a natural fibre, it will still keep you warm if wet.

The clothing range includes thermal tops and bottoms, mid layer and exterior garments. There’s also socks, jocks, gloves, beanies and neck warmers. Something for everyone.
Price range $30 – $215 available in-store

We personally use iO Merino clothing for their comfort, breathability (anti-pong) and origins in SA. My favourite is the super soft jackets that we’ve branded with our logos to keep us snug for the winter shows. You can check them out instore – they’ll change your outlook on Merino fibre forever!


All products are purchase in store only, sorry but we don’t don’t freight or post