Knowing the Right Time to Buy

So, you’ve been contemplating buying a hybrid camper for some time. Inspired by the likes of All 4 Adventure, Pat Callinan and other lifestyle escape shows, you too want to discover the real Australia, to explore off road destinations away from the masses.

Knowing the right time to buy is dependent upon a number of factors. Here’s a few tips to get you ahead of the pack:

Bridging Finance
If you’re looking to cover a temporary short fall in your cash reserves, bridging finance is a good way to get things happening sooner. Finance brokers have a range of products available to them, many with break costs limited to just a few hundred dollars, which makes it a good alternative when your eggs aren’t ready to hatch.

Other options include secured personal loans, redrawing off your home loan, or other bank loans at reduced rates to help get you into the market.

We purchased our first few premium campers using finance. It gave us access to money we didn’t have available at the time. And it changed our world!

Initially, we escaped at every opportunity – weekends, long weekends and then extended trips. With a quality camper, it was easy use, comfortable and capable, so little by little, our trips became more adventurous.

In 2009 we started writing for the 4WD and Camping magazines, sharing our adventures. That only served to scratch the travel itch more as we put our submissions together and began planning for the next escape. We were hooked!

In 2011, we packed up our home and set off on a big lap with a four-wheel drive and Australian-made hybrid camper in tow. We spent thirteen months on and off the road, discovered pristine camp spots we never knew existed, and met many other amazing people doing the same. Our showroom is decorated with photos from that adventure and the memories have etched themselves into our minds forever. We’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

We digress, but there’s so many incredible destinations waiting to be explored and the only speed hump is finding the right camper to do it in.

Withdrawing Super
If you’re a retiree, withdrawing Superannuation is one way of financing a camper purchase. With interest rates at an all time low, superannuation is not earning the returns they once were, building the case for a Buy Now decision. And looking forward, bank analysts indicate its unlikely to change any time soon.

Many people plan to travel when they retire. While that’s still an option, it doesn’t take into consideration health and mobility. You simply may not be able to do what you planned at retirement age.

One of our motivations to do the big lap was the ailing health of some of our family and friends. People who were perfectly healthy, taking a sudden turn and passing away.

An increasing number of families are taking their kids out of school to do the big lap, taking extended long service, a career break, or even resigning to travel. There’s so much to see and do, you want to explore and take it all in while you can.

Build Lead Times
Once you’ve made the decision to purchase, you’ll need to consider build lead times; the time required to take delivery from the time of order. Some models may be between 6-12 months which is a long time to wait. Factor that into any buying decision.

Faced with this speed hump, tell the dealer what your drop-dead date is ie your planned travel dates, which may be dictated by the Winter touring season, say May to October. It’s possible they may be able to move some orders around to fit you in. Or have an ex-demo camper available. Make sure you ask the question!

Haggling for a Deal
Don’t wait until the next show to negotiate a deal. This only puts you further behind in the buying queue. Rather, ask the dealer for their best price. Keep in mind, it’s different to the vehicle industry, that will do thousands of sales each year. The RV industry is a fraction of that volume and with narrow margins, there’s not much in it for the dealer. But it doesn’t hurt to ask the question. There may be manufacturer rebates or incentives to drive volume.

With interest rates so low, it’s never been a better time to buy. Travel while you can and get those adventurous trips under your belt while you’re still fit and mobile.

On a personal note, we’re hoping to get back to the Kimberley in 2020 in our new camper, to explore some areas we didn’t get to in our last trip.

If you’d like to step into a new camper in 2020, get in contact asap to discuss build lead times. As part of our back-to-back Dealer/Retailer of the Year wins, we’re sharing our success with you, with award-winning deals across the range. But it all winds down on 21 December. Don’t miss out!

And if you’d like a finance quote click HERE.