New Trakmaster-Pioneer Mitchell

The Pioneer production line is into full swing with a steady stream of customers gearing up for next year’s touring season. And with the Pioneer & Trakmaster Owner’s Group working on a remote Kimberley adventure (Munja Track) for June 2019, it’s a good reason to get your skates on. Keep an eye on the Facebook Group for further updates.

The first run of Trakmaster built Mitchells have already hit dealer showrooms. We displayed our first Mitchell at the Let’s Go Caravan & Camping Sale at the end of July and it was hot property, with a record number of orders taken. It even outsold our impressive adventure camper, the BRS Offroad Sherpa.

All new Mitchells score a white rear hatch, giving them a smart appearance and differentiating them from previous models. Battery and water capacity has received a boost; battery capacity is up 20% with 120Ah AGM batteries now standard fare and poly water tanks replace the stainless items, removing that metallic taste and allowing better ground clearance. A 3mm bash plate provides ample protection.

The capacity of the optional second water tank is now 70L, increasing the range by 17%.

New Trakmaster - Pioneer Mitchell

Price Rise?

We’re not sure whether we’ll see a price rise this year or not, but time will tell. Going on past years, October seems to be the common time.

The upgrades serve to make a great camper even better. If you’d like to see how a Mitchell can change your camping future, book a time for an inspection. We’re happy to share with you our own camper trailer journey and why the Mitchell is the current pic of the crop.