Track Trailer


A Heritage Spanning 20 Years

Few can match the capabilities, light weight, compact size and unique off road suspension of the Track Trailer Tvan.

In Depth


    The award-winning Australian-made Track Trailer Tvan is unique in the off road camper trailer landscape. With a heritage spanning 20 years, few can match its capabilities due to its light weight, compact size and unique off road suspension.

    Why Buy a Tvan?

    Beyond its light weight and compact size, the Tvan offers a unique cocooned bed area, protected by an insulated cone, plus a quick setup expanding hard floor tent area for extra under cover living space. 

    With an insulated roof and walls, the Tvan queen bed is well protected from the elements

    Set Up Options

    One of the Tvan’s greatest strengths is the versatility in setup options. You can:

    1. Open the hatch, jump in and pull down the hatch behind you; or
    2. Open the hatch, fit the insect/canvas screen and jump in; or
    3. Open the hatch and deploy the tent.

    Three awnings options are available:

    1. A Sail Awning – fitted as standard on the Tanami.
    2. Quick Cover swing out awning – fitted as standard on Inspire, Zenith and Murranji.
    3. A full length traditional awning with or without walls – optional on all models

    The Classic kitchen is fitted to the Tanami.

    The Inspire, Zenith and Murranji all score the Premium kitchen with more food prep space, larger 3-burner stove, draw storage and better wind protection.

    Like the other options, you can mix and match across the model range by adding the options that appeal.

    Model Range

    With a four model range starting from $62,8200 in South Australia and stretching to $96,340 there’s something to suit almost every premium off road camper trailer buyer. This includes the standard four models of Tanami, Inspire, Zenith and Murranji, each with their own individual trim highlight colours. 

    A detailed brochure listing the inclusions for each model is available on request.

    Brochures And Inspections

    For a full list of inclusions per model and pricing, fill out the Request a Quote form below.

    Inspections available Tues to Saturday by appointment. Contact Us to make a time.

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