Remote Travel Products joins The Dirt

Industry stalwart Peter Spowart from Hannibal Safari and Remote Travel Products recently joined the team at The Dirt Off Road Campers for the Adelaide 4WD & Adventure Show. On display was the latest Hannibal Safari 1.4m wide roof top tent made from Aussie Wax Converters Billabong Canvas. The Billabong range is used almost exclusively by Australia’s premium camper trailer manufacturers such is the quality of the yarn.

Anita and Mike from The Dirt are no strangers to the Hannibal range, having toured the Victorian high country and SA’s Riverland
in a Hannibal roof topper back in 2014.

If you are in the market for a quality roof top tent designed to last a lifetime, contact Mike & Anita on 08 8391 6274 for further information.

Remote Travel Products Hannibal-1-4-tourer-walls-awning

Remote Travel Products Hannibal-1.8-tourer with jumbo fly