Caravan Steps

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We sell instore the following caravan steps:

Supex Plastic caravan step 150kg rated

Highly durable, plastic caravan step with fixed height and non-slip top.
The basic but reliable and definitely mandatory caravan step that is very handy for numerous applications when camping or touring with an RV.
There won’t be a trip go by where you won’t be thankful you had this step readily available.
Grooved step base for secure footing in various weather circumstances
Moulded in strong, highly durable plastic, UV resistant polyethylene
Portable and lightweight
Grey colour
Manufactured in China
500 x 345 x 230mm(H)
Weight Rating: 80kg

Supex Metal Caravan Step Folding Legs

Metal Caravan Step with folding legs and anti-slip tread
Lightweight, highly functional, multi-purpose step that will make entering and exiting your Caravan a breeze. Regardless of the surface or the weather this step will ensure that you will have a safe footing everytime. Great for kids and older people and everyone in between!
Strong, robust steel frame
Rubber, anti-slip tread strips for safe stepping
Easily adjustable leg height
Wide plated, rubber feet as an anti-tipping feature and will provide supreme stability
Manufactured in China
480 x 300 x 220mm (H)
Weight rating: 150kg

Supex Metal adjustable height foldable step for caravan 300kg rated

Metal Caravan step with 4 stage height adjustment, designed to cater for heavy duty applications.
Entering and exiting your caravan or RV will eventually become tedious if your step is too low or too high. But having a step fitted with a 4 stage adjustment feature eliminates this worry and means that you will never have the wrong sized step again!
Easily adjustable step height with 4 stages
Great for sloping ground especially when back legs need to be higher or lower than the front
Anti-slip rubber treads
Stong steel frame, with robust design suitable for more heavy duty applications and capable of withstanding greater weight and pressure
Manufactured in China
480 x 370 x 220mm
Weight rating: 400kg