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We sell instore the following Clearview Accessories:

Clearview Towing Mirrors are the result of nearly 10 years of careful research and development.
Tested on the corrugated roads of Australia – from Cape York’s Telegraph Track to the Gibb River Road, Clearview Mirrors are purpose built tough for Australian conditions.
Each mirror in the range is designed to handle any challenge the outback has to offer; earning their reputation as a top quality product built to exceed customer expectations.

Clearview Towing Mirrors
Australia’s Original Full Replacement Towing Mirrors

Once only easy fitting
Supports a massive vehicle range
Full spare parts backup service

Clearview Mirrors are built to be vehicle specific and as such, won’t fit all vehicles. But they do have mirrors designed to fit more than 32 different vehicle models!

Clearview’s ever-expanding range includes vehicle brands as diverse as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Jeep, and Land Rover. Clearview’s range of Towing Mirrors is constantly evolving. So even if there isn’t a model currently available to suit your vehicle, Clearview is likely busy perfecting one for it right now.

Options include
FINISH – Black or Chrome
Manual – Manually Adjustable Large Flat Mirror Glass
Electric – Electrically (Power) Adjustable Large Flat Mirror Glass
With or without indicators – Turn Signal (Required by law when replacing side mirrors
with indicators)

Next Gen Towing Mirrors
Sleeker, Smarter and Safe

It took just 4 years to bring the Next Gen Towing Mirror series to life. After over 13 years in the business we thought it was time to look at introducing a new style of towing mirrors.
The Next Gen is a smaller mirror which sits on a double slide and slides right back into the vehicle when not towing just like an OEM mirror. When you hook your van up you simply slide the mirror head out an impressive 180mm, giving the ultimate vision you need to keep you safe when towing.

Easy Slide Fridge Lowering Slide

The Easy Slide is a fridge lowering fridge slide. Featuring a patented Aussie design that safely lowers your portable travel fridge an impressive 290mm with the aid of powerful 1500N gas struts and a safety gear mechanism, the
Easy Slide makes life easy.

Patented Aussie design
Lowers your travel fridge an impressive 290mm
Monster 1500N gas struts neutralise fridge weight
Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upward/downward movements
Heavy duty slides with right hand lock
Additional travel lock to hold your fridge securely and prevent rattling when travelling
Crash tested and ADR Compliant.
Gas strut assisted, vertical scissor lift action tested and proven to outlast 10,000 movements
Fits almost every variety/size of travel fridge available
36 month warranty on moving parts
A massive 180Kg load capacity
37Kg Nett weight – 40Kg gross weight when packaged

Expanda Slide

Adjusts to fit most fridges
Patented Aussie Design – 81 Different Tray Dimensions!
3 Year Warranty

Maximise storage space and minimize fridge movement with the Expanda fridge slide – designed to fit your fridge perfectly.
Length adjusts every 25mm from 670mm to 870mm; width adjusts every 20mm from 380mm to 540mm
Slide travel length – 765mm
Suits most portable fridges on the market, including those by WAECO, EvaKool, Engel, National Luna, ARB, and more!
Caters for the inevitable future portable travel fridge upgrade
Great for any hard to access item, including portable fridges, toolboxes, generators, barbecues, etc
Adjustable fitting dimensions allow for fitment into most locations
Length adjusts every 25mm from 792mm to 870mm; width adjusts every 20mm from 420mm to 580mm
Heavy duty slides with dual locking mechanism (locks in & out) have a rated 180kg load capacity
Mounting hardware & tie-down straps included for easy DIY assembly & installation

Clearview Tray

Our easy clip on/clip off tray is the perfect product to clip onto your Easy Slide and use for more platform space. 
The tray only fits the Clearview Easy Slide.
Tray measurements (platform area) – 454mm (L) x 390mm (W)
Total product measurements (includes area with clips) – 474mm (L) x 474 (W)

Clearview Cable Saver

Eliminates your fridge cable from getting caught or jammed in the bearing runner which may cause damage to your cables. The Cable Saver will keep your cables up and away from the bearing runner.
The tail of the Cable Saver can be trimmed for your required height – 540mm
Full height of the Cable Saver – 560mm