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If you love camping but don’t like bush toilets, the Ezygonow Cleanwaste range of toilet products is bound to appeal. Rather than digging a hole or carrying a chemical toilet with a limited holding tank which must be emptied at an authorised dump point, this new system will keep you smiling for longer with far less effort. The key ingredient is a unique powder that breaks the waste down, encapsulates the solids and adds a deodoriser. The end product is contained in a sealed plastic bag and can be disposed with regular rubbish, similar to nappies and sanitary products (putrescible waste).

Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Portable Toilet

If it’s compact you want, you got it! The GO anywhere portable toilet weighs only approximately 3.18kg and folds closed to a brief-case size, complete with its own built-in handle.
Designed to be used with the GO anywhere toilet kit it eliminates chemical mixing, storage tanks and dump stations.
This premium quality toilet supports up to 226kg, stands approximately 36cm off the floor, similar to a standard household toilet, and has a similar seat/bowl size as a regular toilet.
3 fold-out legs make it stable even on uneven ground. The lid of the portable toilet is intended to be removed when the toilet is set-up and can be put under the back legs of the toilet for extra stability on softer terrain.
An optional bottom cover is also available to give complete closure of the GO anywhere portable toilet.

DIMENSIONS 49 x 36 x 13 cm

Cleanwaste Poo Powder Waste Treatment

Poo Powder is a unique waste treatment powder pre-loaded into the Pee-Wee unisex urine bags and the GO anywhere toilet kits.
It is designed to gel and solidify liquid waste to a solid. Solid waste is encapsulated by Poo Powder (once activated by a liquid) and a decay catalyst breaks down the solid waste. Poo Powder keeps on working until it is fully saturated and it controls odours too. Extra Poo Powder can be added to the GO anywhere toilet kit to extend the number of uses, if people choose to do so.

Mini Poo Powder Waste Treatment (55 use)
Large Poo Powder Waste Treatment (120 use)

Ezygonow Toilet in a Bag

Each Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag pack contains 15 toilet bags (with handles), 15 treatments of Poo Powder waste treatment and 1 scoop. Poo Powder gels and solidifies liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste. Used with portable toilets, buckets or by itself. Perfect for emergency kits and backpacks.

15 bags/15 scoops powder box

Ezygonow GO anywhere Toilet Kit

No more digging holes… the GO anywhere toilet kit provides an ‘easy way to go’ when bathroom facilities are unavailable.
Each toilet waste kit is pre-loaded with waste treatment Poo Powder to gel and solidify liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste.
Used with portable toilets, buckets or by itself. Perfect for emergency kits, backpacks and glove-boxes. Compact, convenient.
The D.I.Y no frills version of the Cleanwaste GO anywhere Toilet Kit. No toilet paper, no disposal bag, no hand wipe included. The Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag provides an easy ‘way to go’ when bathroom facilities are unavailable, unsafe or unsanitary.

– 12 pack 1 waste collection bag pre-loaded with Poo Powder, 1 zip-close, puncture-resistant, secure waste disposal bag, individual toilet paper pack, hand wipe (Out of stock)

Pee wee Unisex portable Urine bag 3 pack

Liquid is turned to solid in 7 seconds with the aid of a waste treatment powder, Poo Powder, pre-loaded in the Pee-Wee unisex urine bags. Pee-Wee unisex urine bags can be used multiple times, if people choose to do so, and can be used by adults and children. No need to plan where the next toilet is… use it, seal it.

Waste Collection bags

Handled waste collection bags. Simply add a scoop of Poo Powder waste treatment powder to a bag and it is ready to use. These bags will fit into the Cleanwaste GO anywhere portable toilet, other portable toilets, in buckets or use them by themselves. The same bags are featured as part of the Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag packs.

Each pack includes 10 x waste collection bags.

Waste Disposal Bags

Secure, puncture-resistant, zip-close disposal bag. Tie up your used waste collection bag and put in here for secure disposal.

Each pack contains 10 x waste disposal bags.

Large Waste Disposal Bags

Large, secure, puncture resistant, zip close disposal bag. Tie up multiple used waste collection bags and put in here for secure disposal.

Ezygonow GO anywhere Privacy Shelter

Privacy is never far away with the GO anywhere privacy shelter. Portable and spacious, it is ideal for use as an extra bathroom, changing room or shower area.
Easy set-up and take-down is achieved with the use of snap poles and hinges. Added security is provided via ropes and stakes. Ground- secure flaps attached to the shelter walls allows extra weights to be placed on the flaps to prevent movement of the privacy shelter. The shelter is not see-through. Even in darkness, with a light on in the shelter, only a faint shadow is seen if you are directly up against the tent wall.

Each includes:
1 x GO anywhere privacy shelter
Secure flaps, ropes, stakes
Storage bag

Made of flame retardant Taffeta nylon fabric
163cm zippered door
201cm tall
floorless base 122cm x 122cm
folds up to 71cm x 15.2cm, 3.4kg
3 screened windows with privacy flaps, lined with velcro, providing cross-ventilation
Upper sealable flap for a light/shower attachment
Loop to hold shower attachment/light in place
Nylon mesh storage pocket
Ground flaps for extra anchorage
Snap poles and hinges

Ezygonow GO anywhere Total System

Anytime, anywhere, dignity is maintained with the GO anywhere total system – a revolutionary complete bathroom system that fits in a backpack.
The complete bathroom pack weighs approximately 9.2kg and is ideal when bathroom facilities are unsafe, unsanitary or simply unavailable.

Each includes:
1 GO anywhere portable toilet
1 GO anywhere privacy shelter
15 GO anywhere toilet kits
1 large transport bag for used toilet kits
1 backpack with padded straps to store all the above items

For further information, see https://www.ezygonow.com.au/