Natures Botanical Natural Insect Repellant

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We sell instore Natures Botanical Natural Insect Repellant products:

Premium natural Rosemary & Cedarwood essential oils for insect control.
Repels flies, mosquitoes, midges, sandflies. Customers have reported it also effectively repelling ticks and ants.
No DEET, Picaridin or other harsh toxins.
Unlike DEET products it will NOT remove nail polish, damage/melt plastics, sunglasses, iPhone covers, fishing gear.
Antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal qualities so widely used by our customers for many other uses. (See ‘Safe Active ingredients’).
Cruelty free, vegan friendly.
Australian owned & operated business.
APVMA (Australian Pesticides & Veterinarian Medicines Authority) registered. Successfully field tested and recommended by thousands of our customers worldwide.
More than a million units in Australia & overseas have been sold since then making it one of Australia’s most popular natural insect repellent.

Safe Active Ingredients
Rosemary & Cedarwood Essential Oils are regarded as safe for skin application by regulators such as the EPA and much safer/beneficial than chemicals such as DEET & Picaridin.

In addition to repelling they are well known as having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities and eco friendly insect repellent so our customers also report the following uses/benefits of Nature’s Botanical;
Stop itching following insect bites, soothe hives & mild burns.
Help with eczema, itchy rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, athletes foot, acne & sun spots.
Sweet Itch, greasy heel, rain scold & cover rub.
Relief for mild arthritis of the hands.
Deodorant, decongestant & moisturiser.


The crème is white, in an olive oil base so thicker than the lotion and comes in a tub.
Due to its essential oils, the crème has a pleasant aromatic odour.
It has a nourishing consistency when you apply it, and is particularly good for those with dry skin.
As it tends to get applied more thickly it probably requires less applications than the lotion.
It’s economical as it goes a long way and lasts a long time.
As it has an olive oil base it is slightly water resistant so good when one perspires heavily from the brow or is outdoors around water.
When the Crème is rubbed into the skin it is slightly tacky to begin and then becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.

– Small creme 50g
– Large creme 100g


Handy size to carry around in hand luggage on a flight, backpack, glove box, hand bag, sports bags, back pocket (particularly popular with men).
Easy to use (great for kids to use, although you will need to check they have covered all exposed skin for biting insects.)
Popular with fisherman as their hands do not have to touch it therefore not interfering with baiting their hooks.
The lotion is white and in a vegetable emulsifier so substantially thinner than the Crème so that it may work well within the spray and roll-on applications.
It has a very pleasant aroma, is nourishing to the skin and leaves no oily residue when rubbed in.

– Rollon 50ml