OzPig Portable Fire/Smoker Oven

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The Ozpig is a true blue Aussie invention for those with a passion for outdoor cooking and travel. A portable multipurpose cooking device and heater, Ozpig also has all the ambience of an open fire. Plus its raised off-the-ground design means it can be used in many locations where an open fire is not permitted. (However, we always recommend you check local regulations.)

Much more flexible than a BBQ, Ozpig lets you enjoy baking, chargrilling, deep-frying, wok cooking, rotisserie roasting or just boiling the kettle for a cuppa. Plus the compact chimney directs smoke away from all the action. So you can fire up the fuel-efficient Ozpig to feed a crowd or just sit back and enjoy the warmth.

New upgraded door on the new Ozpig! Now included in the box is a spark-proof mesh door, which even when closed allows for great air flow.
Please note that we sell an adjustable vented door separately, which allows you to adjust the position of the vents.

Important: The Ozpig is designed for outdoor use only. Always ensure you use your Ozpig in an open space with adequate ventilation

BBQ and chargrill cooking
Safe and contained wood-fired heating
Camp oven cooking
Temperature controlled cooking (using Ozpig Diffuser)
Wok cooking
Boiling billies or kettles
Rotisserie cooking (using Ozpig Rotisserie Kit)

OzPig portable wood fire stove package includes:

– 1 x Ozpig Steel Cooker Body
– 1 x Customised Carry Bag
– 2 x BBQ Plates
– 8 x Galvanised Threaded Legs
– 3 x Chimney Sections
– 1 x Spark Arrestor
– 1 x Multi-purpose tool (Wood poker & plate lift handle)
– 1 x Mesh Floor Fire Grate
– 1 x Comprehensive Instruction Manual

The Ozpig Smoker Oven has been designed with versitility in mind, for the person who enjoys outdoor cooking; those people looking for Affordable Quality and Flexibility in cooking.

The perfect partner for the Ozpig – the Ozpig Oven Smoker is capable of maintaining stable temperatures for low and slow cooking and smoking ( Great for American Style BBQ ). Temperatures can be dialled up for roasting meats and vegetables all the way through-to much higher heats for cooking wood fired pizzas, giving it true versatility.

• Maintains stable temps between 100c to 350c
• Contains Adjustable Shelves providing a larger cooking surface and the ablity to set the unit up to fit the style of cooking.

OzPig Smoker Oven package includes:

– 1 x Oven Smoker Body
– 1 x Chimney with baffle
– 4 x Stainless Steel Racks
– 1 x Water Pan
– 1 X Thermometer
– 1 X Chimney Cap
– 1 x Instruction Manual

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OzPig Accessories available instore

– Diffuser
– Tool Rack
– Offset Chimney
– Chimney Offset Kit
– Heat B Basket
– Vented Door
– Char Grill & Drip Tray
– Rotisserie Kit
– Extension Legs
– Large Warming Tray
– Enamel BBQ plate
– OzPig bag
– OzPig cover