Bellman Espresso Pot

Bellman Espresso pot5When it comes to cranking out a good coffee with a decent crema, few compact coffee machines can step up to the plate. The Bellman Espresso Pot is one such unit. It’s easy on the eye, manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and well designed to minimise wash up. The top chamber has an integrated handle, pressure release valve, perforated coffee basket with silicon heat resistant seals, milk frothing wand and a removable top section with a drip valve. With the valve closed and the system sealed, pressure builds up inside the chamber allowing it to gain heat more quickly without boiling. This pressure creates the crema.

There are water levels on the inside of the top chamber – 3, 6 and 9 shots. Slide the coffee basket over the centre post, fill with the required amount of coffee and fit the top section, screwing the dial hand tight to seal.

You can speed up the process by boiling the water in a billy first, then pouring it into the chamber; otherwise it takes around 20mins with cold water, which can sometimes test your patience. Eventually the coffee is extracted in a concentrate form. You can froth the milk using the frothing wand, which is also good for making hot chocolate. Simply insert the wand into your chocolate brew and froth away until your cup is hot to touch on the bottom.

Bellman Espresso pot3
You’ll always be popular with a Bellman Stovetop Espresso Pot.

Making great coffee is a science project all on its own. Too much water and the bean yields a weak and bitter taste; too little coffee grinds and it yields dishwater intensity. It take a few attempts to get it right, but after that its smooth sailing.

Over the years we’ve used a range of percolators, plungers, drippers and espresso pots, but the Bellman CX25 surpasses them all.

You can purchase the Bellman Espresso Pot from The Dirt Off Road Campers in Mt Barker. $179 plus postage. Either ring the store or enter your details in the comments field below. Your contact details will not appear online.