Camper Maintenance – Suspension Bushes

There’s a lot more to servicing your camper trailer than the periodic check of bearings and brakes!

Pioneer Campers recommend service intervals of 7,500km. On the face of it, that doesn’t sound like a huge service interval, but if they’re hard kilometres over some of Australia’s unrelenting corrugations, that date can’t come soon enough. The underbody inspection is particularly important, looking for signs of wear and tear and damaged components.

One component, that cops a serious flogging is suspension bushes; small rubber cushions fitted between the shock absorber trailer mounts and the shock absorber. They absorb road bumps and prevent metal on metal contact. Left unchecked, the bush can deteriorate and cause deformation of the shock mount, leading to an expensive repair.

Here’s some photos of what can happen. In this case, the camper had missed a service interval. The bushes had worn away causing metal on metal contact, elongating the shock mount which had to be cut off, a new mount fabricated and re-welded onto the chassis.

Elongated shock mounts caused by worn suspension bushes
Worn suspension bushes can cause expensive repairs

Regular servicing will not only keep your camper in top condition. It also bodes well for a relaxing, stress free holiday. And in the rare case you need to make a warranty claim, a service history shows you’ve kept on top of maintenance and not let smaller issues develop into bigger ones.

If you have any queries relating to the servicing of your camper trailer, Contact Us to discuss.