The Caravan and Motorhome Book

Getting the best from your ownership experience involves understanding how all the key components work, the key items being the batteries, battery management, solar, hot water and more.

While reading the manuals is a good start, you need a good foundation of knowledge to understand how these systems work. And a caravan guide book is a great place to start.

We purchased our first Collyn Rivers books many years ago and they’ve helped build our knowledge to add value to our bush camping experience.

So when the opportunity arose to help other campers by stocking his books, we jumped at the chance.

The Camper Trailer or Caravan and Motorhome Book provides a detailed overview of the camper components in an easy to read format and there’s plenty of photos to show what they mean.

Some of the content includes a general overview, tow vehicles, couplings, suspension, brakes, batteries and charging systems, fridges, water, heating, lighting, solar, modifications, trip preparation and more, so there’s plenty of information to sink your teeth into.

RRP $39.90, available from The Dirt Off Road Campers along with The Camper Trailer Book and Caravan & Motorhome Electrics.


We’re looking for ideas for a short escape in the May to August time period. Key criteria as follows:

  • prefer remote, off road
  • 2 week duration
  • off road hybrid friendly
  • touring style trip rather than a destination

Post your suggestions at the bottom of this post. 100 words maximum. Winner notified.