Clearview Towing Mirrors

We put the spotlight on the off road rated Clearview Towing Mirrors

We purchased our first set of Clearview Mirrors back in 2010, just prior to our big lap. At the time we had upgraded to a hybrid camper and needed a quality set of towing mirrors that would be up to the rigours of outback touring while providing a clear view behind.

The Clearviews are a large towing mirror that offer a variable arm extension. The mirror housing features a large flat top mirror which can be adjusted electronically via the standard in-car controls. A smaller manually adjusted mirror lies at the bottom of the housing. Out on the highway, it can be angled out to capture blind spots or angled inward around town to give an alternative perspective to the larger mirrors.

While most of the range are offered with electronic adjustment and heating for the top mirror, a basic manual mirror version is also available.

Back in 2010, the feature set was limited to the variable arm extension, electronic adjustment and heating for the top mirror. Some of the latest features include mirror mounted indicators, a power fold capability, and a modification for a clearance light or daylight running light addition.

The latter uses a small additional loom which must be hardwired. Vehicles offered with mirror mounted indicators from the factory will require the same with aftermarket mirrors to meet Australian Design Rules (ADR).

The power fold option is handy for tight bush tracks. Push the button and the mirrors fold in flush to the vehicle. It’s also useful in tight carparks or manoeuvring in tight areas.

Stone protection
Towing mirrors are a legal requirement and an important safety item

The mirrors are available in chrome or black. While the chrome looks good, it can reflect the sun and create unpleasant glare from some angles, much like a polished alloy bull bar.

We recently fitted the 2nd generation Clearview Mirrors to our Ford Raptor, opting for the Power Fold upgrade. This works well with the other features. We generally use the mirrors at half extension or less for towing a 6m hybrid camper.

They require a short adjustment period. It’s a little weird having so much vision. The housing is large and can block some vision looking forward. But you quickly adapt to them.

They really shine on unsealed surfaces. The substantial and solid mounting to the door irons out any wobbles and while its difficult to eliminate all vibration, it performs admirably. Similarly, on the bitumen they’re not flustered by passing road trains, keeping firmly attached.

They come with an installation DVD which is easy to follow for DIY-types. Otherwise installation is available at most stores for an additional fee.

Clearview Mirrors are available for most popular towing vehicles. New vehicles are added regularly, so if your vehicle is not on the list, fill in an expression of interest form on the Clearview website.

Pricing is variable, depending on the vehicle and options selected. A basic mirror set with electric adjustment retails for $745; with inset indicators $795. Heating adds $50 to $845. If you want the Power Fold capability, be prepared to shell out $1250. Heating adds another $50.

Mirrors provide a significant safety benefit. Being able to see what’s coming up behind you is important for your safety and for other road users.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a well-known product, suitable for off road use. Other key attributes include easy transformation into towing mode, tough construction, parts availability and critically, performance off road.

If you’d like to discuss the supply and fitment of Clearview Mirrors to suit your vehicle, click HERE.