Ladies-Only 4×4 Training

Kristina Van Meeter from Jakem Farm in the Adelaide Hills is hosting a series of Ladies-Only 4×4 Training Weekends this year called ‘Jakem to the Core’. The weekends will blend 4×4 driving techniques, vehicle recovery and fun activities, providing participants with greater confidence when behind the wheel.

Kristina said, “four-wheel driving can be a male dominated hobby, but why should the blokes have all the fun. Beyond sharing the fun of driving, everyone should be skilled at vehicle recovery as there will be times when your partner is not around or has been injured and you’ll need to take control.”

Camping is provided at the property on the Saturday night and participants are invited to bring their camping gear, be it a swag, tent, camper trailer or even an off-road van.

Registration is $200 per vehicle, with a maximum of 2 ladies per vehicle.

For further information contact Kristina on 0409 278 123

4x4 training
Kristina Van Meeter from Jakem Farm. Photo Credit: John Hemmings
Ladies 4x4 Training Jakem to the Core
Participants from the first ‘Jakem to the Core’ Ladies-Only 4×4 Training Weekend