Rocky Road Damper


• Self raising flour (3cups)
• Water (half cup)
• Lemonade (half cup)
• Dark, Milk, White choc chips
• Mini marshmallows
• Allen’s Raspberry lollies
• Macadamia Nuts
• Crushed Oreo cookies


Place out all your ingredients and items ready to cook

Prepare your camp oven, we like to line ours with foil or baking paper, makes it easier to clean

Put all your ingredients in a bowl and mix together, until it forms a ball, so it’s easy to place into your camp oven

Prepare your hot coals on a seperate space next to the fire, just so the damper cooks slow and even, check it every now and then until it’s cooked through and is golden

Then slice it up and share with all, with lashing of butter and even cream, for the extra  indulgence. 

You will be going back for more, so make sure you bring enough ingredients to make two dampers! Enjoy