Steelie Mobile Car Mount Kit

The Steelie Car Mount kit provides a good solution for mounting your mobile phone when behind the wheel. Tested off road, during our recent Flinders Ranges Lifestyle Reconn R2 adventure, it’s a convenient and secure mounting location.

A magnetic cup attaches to the back of your phone, with a separate ball attachment for the dashboard, secured by the magnet. It doesn’t affect your phone.

Over the long weekend, we navigated the Mt Samuel trail on Alpana Station, meandering up and down dale, through rocky creek beds and bumpy station tracks without issue.

Simply mount away from dashboard air bag locations. Whether you use your phone for GPS navigation or hands free phone use, the Steelie Car Mount Kit provides a secure mounting point for your phone.

Available from The Dirt Off Road Campers – $39.95.

Steelie Car Mount Kit – off road rated!