Track Tvan Buyers Guide

So, you’ve been researching the market for months, maybe even years and you always seem to find yourself coming back to the TRACK Tvan. There’s good reason for that. The multi-award winning Tvan has satisfied the test of time and is widely respected as the ultimate off road camper. Look around next time you go touring – they’re everywhere, and arguably the most popular premium Australian-made off road camper on the road today.

Why Tvan?

On face value, the Tvan is hard to ignore. It’s unique in appearance; it looks great; it’s versatile in use; comfortable; and light but strong; with one of the most tested suspensions in its class if not the world. And if its good enough for military applications, it’s good enough for you.

Which model?

There’s also a good model spread, each targeting a specific buyer, with prices ranging from $55,590 to $80,470 driveaway. This includes two limited edition 20th Anniversary Models with value added bundles. These Limited Edition models are due to finish soon, so move quickly to avoid missing out.

The Tvan Options brochure provides a detailed listing of the standard specification for each model. Ask your local dealer for a copy.

Tvan Yulara from $55,590*

The entry level Tvan geared towards the adventure buyer with a limited budget.

It scores the classic Tvan DNA, but with a basic extras package. There’s no fridge box, fancy awning or kitchen, sufficing with a basic electronics package. The Classic kitchen has been used for many years and it’s a practical and capable offering with plenty of food prep space, wind protection, sink with draining area and 12V pumped, plus storage for cutlery and crockery.

This package assumes you’ll use a fridge in your vehicle negating the need for a fridge box and upgraded electrical system. In this application, the standard single battery, 60W solar panel and Anderson plug charging is fine.

Recommended options include a 240V charger to keep your battery charged at home, roof storage system for extra room to pack clothes, under mattress liner to reduce condensation, and the 3 speed fan – invaluable for hot, still nights.Track Tvan Yulara

Optional fridge box and Quick Cover awning

Tvan Tanami from $58,520*

The Tanami is similar to the Yulara appealing to an adventurer with a limited budget. Some of the key upgrades include an upgraded power package including both 240V and DC DC chargers, solar panel and battery management upgrades. It also scores better storage with both the roof mounted storage and side pockets. Finally, there’s an under mattress liner and 12V fan, external water (creek) draw, and rear insect screen.

Recommended options: with the upgraded power system, you could consider adding the fridge box, and a second battery (or Lithium upgrade). However, with the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Inspire model, there may be better value there with the addition of the fridge box and Quick Cover awning fitted as standard.

Track Tvan Tanami

Optional fridge box and Quick Cover awning

Tvan Inspire from $62,910*

The Inspire is one of the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Models with some key upgrades. These include the fridge box, Quick Cover awning, and a power upgrade similar to the Tanami but without the DC DC charger. It also gains four USB sockets at the head of the bed, same interior refinements as the Tanami, a limited-edition jerry can, and a choice of highlight colour.

Recommended Options: 25A DC DC charger, second battery (or Lithium upgrade), and the External water (creek) draw.Track Tvan Inspire

Tvan Canning from $69,260*

Sitting in the middle of the range, the Canning is well equipped, combining capability with comfort. In addition to the fridge box, premium kitchen and Quick cover awning, it gains a comprehensive power system with both 240V and 12V DC DC charger, solar panel upgrade, and battery management display with Bluetooth upgrade. A 300W pure sine wave inverter completes the fit-out with 4 x USB sockets at the head of the bed.

It has the same interior refinements as the Inspire plus a second 12V fan, a fabric lined bedhead and the portable Fusion Bluetooth speaker.

On the outside it scores the external water (creek) draw, and the rear insect screen.

Recommended Options: second battery (or Lithium upgrade), a Joolca portable gas hot water system, water system outlet for pressurised water, a zip on ensuite tent, underbody mudflaps, a RHS fridge box slide out tray with tie down points, pocket spring mattress, and hubs/wheels compatible to your vehicle.

Track Tvan Canning

Tvan Zenith from $79,235*

At the top end of the limited edition 20th Anniversary Models, the Zenith scores everything from the top of the line Murranji (plus some extras) but not the new Skyward Lift Up Deck. The key additions over the Canning are the diesel hot water and space heater, zip-on ensuite, additional tent windows, 17 x 8” alloy wheels, front boot pantry and 1.8t suspension for extra payload. Other additions include a RHS fridge box slide out tray with tie down points, bump stops to suit 33” wheels, underbody protection mudflaps, an extra light above the tent door, a water system outlet for pressurised water and a special edition jerry can.

Recommended Options: are limited to a second battery (or Lithium upgrade), pocket spring mattress, and hubs/wheels to match your vehicle. The 40A DC DC charger increases the charging speed for touring if running dual batteries, or if you’re upgrading to Lithium, option the Redarc 50A DC DC/MPPT charger. Lithium will take as much charge as you can muster.

Track Tvan Zenith

Tvan Murranji from $80,470*

As the range topping unit, the Murranji is the burger with the lot, or almost. Standard wheels and tyres are 16 x 8” alloy with all terrain tyres. Apart from the Skyward Deck, it gains 2 x 240V sockets in the kitchen. 

Recommended Options: are limited to a second battery (or Lithium upgrade), DC DC chrger upgrade (40 or 50A), underbody mudflaps, pocket spring mattress, and hubs/wheels compatible with your vehicle.

Track Tvan Murranji

Author’s Pick

We own a custom Tvan Zenith 20th Anniversary model! It’s the best Tvan Track have ever made with the key additions of the 1.8t suspension (extra payload), kitchen pantry, longer fridge drawer, diesel heating/hot water, quick cover awning, premium kitchen, and increased head room.

This is our 3rd Tvan; it’s a design we keep coming back to due to the low weight and capable underpinnings making it a true go-anywhere off road camper.

Optioned to suit the type of remote touring we like to do, it includes:

  • 2nd water tank for extra range
  • Custom wheels/hubs compatible with our tow vehicle (extra spare tyre)
  • Revolution Lithium battery upgrade (better utilisation, quicker charging)
  • Redarc 50A DC DC/MPPT charger (halves the recharge time when moving from campsite to campsite)
  • Second battery wiring ready for a 2nd Lithium battery addition
  • Pocket spring mattress upgrade for extra comfort
  • Porta Potti 365 (highest seat available)
  • Custom Evakool ED65 dual zone fridge freezer – the biggest fridge available for the fridge box
  • Wall kit for Quick Cover awning
  • Removeable shelf in front box (440mm clearance from slide out tray) on driver’s side for extra storage
  • Under bed drawers for easy access
  • ARK 750 jockey wheel – better for high clearance tow vehicles
  • Stone Stomper Stone Guard to reduce road rash on camper and vehicle from rebounding stones
  • Maxtrax Mounting Pins – leaves dirt to fall on the ground after use, rather than on the vehicle
  • Lockable Side Pannier Door near kitchen (lockable rubbish storage)
  • RHS Venting (for carrying fuel) and Power in front box for running a 2nd fridge  
  • Anderson plugs for fridge sockets

in addition to all the standard Zenith features.


Pavey Tvan Zenith
Mike & Anita Pavey with their custom Track Tvan Zenith.