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Bellman Stovetop Espresso $179
Adored by many for its concentrated shots of espresso, the Bellman Stovetop is the must-have camping accessory for bean-o-holics. The milk frother adds that special touch for a latte, cappuccino or even hot chocolate. Click here for more info.



Bullrush Clothing – 10% OFF

# current stock only.


Cart-A-Lot From $219

If you need to haul around a lot of gear whether it be around the city or along the beach, the foldable Cart-A-Lot is a game changer in the gear carrying market. Available in on-road or off-road models, these buggies are compact enough to carry around in the back of the car and put to use as required carrying documents, shopping, camping gear and more. With the waterproof liner, even use it as a portable eski. Heaps of accessories too. Click here for more info.

From $219 or $259 as a camping pack with cover and water proof liner, SAVE $40. Limited off-road models remaining.



Doble Outdoors Solar Camping System (SCS) $380

The Doble SCS is your one stop lighting and recharging solution for your next camping trip. The solar panel can simultaneously charge 2 lights and 4 USB devices. The lights contain lithium-ion batteries that will continue to charge USB devices once the sun has disappeared.
Package price $380 includes 200t tent pole light, 100p portable light, solar panel, tent pole table, daisy chain to charge both lights simultaneously and a 12V charger. SAVE $55. Items available separately. Click here for more info.



5L DreamPot Thermo-Cooker with BONUS ThermoBoost Cover, $299 SAVE $95. Click here for more info.



Drifta Camping Kitchen Package Deal $1,815

The Drifta Pull Out Return (DPOR) Package Deal is the hot product in the range. It combines the DPOR kitchen, a lined Storage Box (DSB) & the Tucker Box which fits it a standard 7×4 or 7×5 trailer. A popular option is to fit an extra set of front facing drawers into the storage box. Available to suit left or right sided tailgates. Free measuring service. $1,815 including freight SAVE $100. Click here for more info.



Evakool Fridge Freezers – Minimum 10% OFF

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Goal Zero Chargers & Accessories – 10% OFF

The power, lighting, solar specialists! Click here for more info.

# Stocked items only.



Helinox Camp Furniture

Blends clever design, comfort and compact packaging. From the Chair One, Camping Chair, Sunset Chair, Swivel Chair & the Ultralight Table, most items weigh barely more than 1kg yet support 145kg. And the package size is commendable. 10% OFF – snap them up while they last! Click here for more info.


Kid-O-Bunk $449, SAVE $50

The new Kid-O-Bunk from Disc-O-Bed offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go! Whether they are off to a slumber party, getting equipped for an up and coming summer camp or simply going to visit grandparents for the holidays, your kids will be rest assured, comfortable and the envy of everyone with this new bunkable sleep system.

Wherever space is at a premium the ready to go Kid-O-Bunk offers a supportive, comfortable sleeping solution that is durable enough for any kid’s next adventure.

The one person, no-tool, no-screw and no-bolt assembly is simple and quick to assemble, offering one solution with many versatile options – so you get to choose. By simple action, the bunk can be configured to two single cots during the night or a sitting bench during the day.

Available in Teal only, the bunks will suit kids 7-12 years old.

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Ozpig $380

Few camping products have captured the market quite like the Ozpig. Use it for warmth or for cooking, at the campsite or on the back deck, the Ozpig is a versatile bit of kit. The starter pack supplies everything you need to start enjoying your pig and there’s a huge range of accessories from the heat bead basket, to the chargrill, the leg extensions to the rotisserie, it’s been exceptionally well thought out. BONUS Diffuser with every Pig! Click here for more info.



Supafit Seat Covers $300 per row, SAVE $50

Treat yourself and your vehicle this Xmas with a set of snazzy seat covers. Available in a smart denim or canvas for both recreational vehicles and work vehicles, these Aussie-made covers offer the latest in airbag seam technology to ensure the safe deployment of seat mounted airbags while protecting your seats from dirt and other stains.

4WD Seat Covers in denim
Supafit Denim Seat cover.


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