Bragging Rights – new owners!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our new owners:

Local caravan park owner, Russell with his new Rhinomax Discovery:


Brett, Tanya & family hit the road in their Pod Trailer Base Camp:


Nic & Linda with their Darche Intrepidor 2:


Damien with his new Pod Trailer:


Bryce & Trish in their Rhinomax Scorpion

Anne & Allan in their new Rhinomax Discovery, the first to be delivered in SA.

New owners - Anne & Alan

Lee & Russ picked up their Rhinomax Scorpion just in time for their Tassy adventure.

New owners - Lee & Russ

Megs & Michael with their 3 Dog Camping Top Dog Camper upgrade

New owners - Megs & Michael

Sebina & Jim with their Extreme Pod & 3 Dog Camping Top Dog roof top tent

New owners - Sebina & Jim

Phil & Lindy with their Pod Trailer Base Camp 2.7. Last see in the tall forests of WA!

New owners - Phil & Lindy

New owners - Phil & Lindy in WA

Kath & Rocket picked up their Extreme Pod & 3 Dog Camping Top Dog combo, travelling all the way from WA.

New owners - Kath & Rocket

Allan & Emma in their Kwik Kampa 2. Last seen heading towards the Red Centre …
New owners - Allan & Emma