Our History with Track Trailer

Mike and Anita Pavey, owners of The Dirt Off Road Campers, the newest South Australian Track Trailer Dealer, have had a long association with the brand. Here’s their story.

Back in 2005, before our store opened, we purchased a Track Desert Eagle, a soft floor camper fitted with Track’s renowned MC2 suspension. It was a utilitarian design with high clearance suspension, storage locker body mounted on the trailer, and a tent mounted on top of that, with the mattress recessed into the metal body. The smaller double bed didn’t really work with Mike’s lanky frame, but storage was plentiful and the modest sized tent was easy to erect. There was no integrated kitchen, however the storage locker doors dropped down to a horizontal position, making good work surfaces for food prep and cooking.

Paveys Evolution of Track Trailer campers
The Paveys’ Evolution of Track Trailer campers

A Tvan Mk2 Canning followed in 2006, persuaded by the likes of Ron & Viv Moon in the engaging off road marketing DVD that was available at that time. It drew us in big time!
That changed our camping experience in a big way. As a compact off road camper with a comfortable bed, protective insulated walls, integrated kitchen, and easy use, we began to live the nomadic camping lifestyle.
Taking advantage of every long weekend (and short ones too), we explored more and more and we linked up with like-minded adventurers to do the same.

Paveys Tvan Gammon Ranges
One of our first trips in the Tvan

It was at that time we were introduced to Carlisle Rogers, Editor of Camper Trailer Australia magazine at that time and we pitched our first travel yarn.
A few contributions later and we were hooked. Seeing our photos in print only motivated us further to want to travel.
We helped launch Camper Trailer Touring magazine for Express Publications, with countless trips in our Tvan and we even applied for jobs at the magazine, contemplating a relocation to NSW. However, it wasn’t to be.
In 2010, we organised a Track Trailer forum gathering in the Wonnangatta Valley to celebrate the launch of the Mk3 Tvan and fittingly, Track loaned us a Mk3 Murranji for the trip. It scored the bright orange trim highlights and it looked brilliant!

Exiting Wonnangatta Valley via the Zeka Spur Track
Exiting Wonnangatta Valley via the Zeka Spur Track

Later that year, we sold the Tvan and upgraded to a Series 1 Topaz as part of a plan to do the Big Lap. We scored a gig with the Bauer Media Group, providing a monthly travel feature in Camper Trailer Australia magazine which paid for much of our travel. This rolled on for 17 consecutive issues and countless other commissioned pieces across the group. There was even a ‘Spot the Paveys’ competition during our lap, sponsored by ARB!
The Topaz scored the nickname Wombat due to its stocky appearance and special Wombat decals were fitted. If you ever see a Series 1 Topaz around the traps with Wombat decals, that’s our baby!
The Topaz was ideal for our requirements with its full offroad capability, internal table for working, flexible cooking arrangements with both internal and external options, 240V/12V power, big inverter, lots of solar and comfort. It ticked all the boxes!
We even helped Track film a video for the Topaz in the Victorian High Country, with Marketing Manager Lloyd Waldron.

The start of the Paveys’ Big Lap in the Track Topaz

In Feb 2011, we left Melbourne in the Topaz to begin our Big Lap. We wrote a blog as we travelled which was mirrored onto the Track website. The content has since been superseded by other Track customer travels, but you can still find some of our work buried in the Track Website HERE.

The Paveys' exploring Rainbow Beach in their Track Topaz
Exploring Rainbow Beach during the lap

In July 2011 we co-ordinated a Simpson Crossing for Track Trailer customers, with 17 vehicles and 15 Tvans participating, split into three groups.

2011 Track Trailer Simpson Crossing
Celebrating the end of our Simpson crossing

When we returned from our lap, we organised another event for Track customers at Beyond Hotham, showcasing the best of the Victorian High Country. We took a Track MATE along for that trip. We also met up with good friends Peter Fenwick and Catherine Panich, the Canberra (now NSW) Track Dealers.

Beyond Hotham Track Trailer trip
Beyond Hotham Track Trailer trip

You can view more of our Track adventures around Australia in a photo diary HERE.

So that’s our background with Track Trailer! They’re a great Australian company with well-engineered and tested products and we’re proud to be a dealer for them!